By: Lisa Tarcy - Cleveland APL
Date: Sep 18, 2015
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Ozzie: A Purr-fect Gentleman Finds his Purr-fect Home
Many people who come to the APL to find their new family member are looking for a puppy or a kitten. Certainly, puppies, kittens, and other “babies” are cute, with their big eyes and wiggly bodies. But, as anyone who has adopted one can tell you, they can also be a lot of work. For some people, it makes sense to look for a more mature pet, and those pets can turn out to be the best choice ever.
And so it was with Ozzie. A stunning black and brown tabby with white accents on his face and chin, Ozzie was surrendered to the APL in June 2014, because his owner’s children had allergies. While Ozzie got along with the toddlers and the dog and cat with whom he lived, the owner identified him as “a shy loner, who doesn’t interact much.” Ozzie was nearly 13 years old. He also, apparently, was ready for a change in scenery.
Samantha had wanted to adopt a cat for quite a while. She had the APL’s adoption app on her phone, and often looked at the cats to see who might be available. Finally, she laughs, her husband “caved,” and she went to the APL to find the new addition to the family. She was thinking about adopting an older cat, who would have manners and maturity on his side.
Samantha visited the APL’s PetSmart Charities® Everyday Adoption Center in Parma. There, she met with an APL volunteer, and told the volunteer what kind of cat she was looking for. The volunteer was familiar with Ozzie, and told Samantha she thought they’d make a great match.
The volunteer was right! Initially, Samantha says, Ozzie was “the most polite cat” she’d ever met. At first, he meowed, fixed his big green eyes on Samantha, then meowed again, requesting permission to get on the couch! As time has gone on, he has become much more comfortable in his new home. While he now gets on the couch without checking first, he still asks for food, but doesn’t beg. He stays off the table. Most charming of all, during the week, when she has to get up for work anyway, Ozzie wakes Samantha for his breakfast; on the weekends, though, when she can sleep in, he wakes her husband instead!
Over a year has passed since Ozzie found his fur-ever home, and it just keeps getting better. Ozzie is happy cuddling with Samantha or her husband, reveling in their attention. They discovered new cat snacks that Ozzie adores and can identify by the rattle of the wrapper. And, best of all, they all recently moved to a new home with a patio where Ozzie is content to spend hours with Samantha, enjoying “the great outdoors.” A loner no more, Ozzie’s golden years certainly shine.

Lisa T.
Cleveland Animal Protective League
1729 Willey Avenue
Cleveland,  OH  44113

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