You may be thinking about the allergy season and how it will affect you, but what about your pet? Pets can have allergic reactions to food, dust, plants and pollens just like humans.

If your pet is itching, sniffling and sneezing or you suspect your pet has an allergy, please check with your veterinarian and remember Marc’s has pet medications ready for you and your pet to combat seasonal allergies at our everyday low prices!

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MilkBones7 10lb 1

Dog Biscuits

Asst. Types
7-10 lb.

Farmer sMedley

Farmer's Medley
Dog Treats

Asst. Types
12 oz.

Pup peroni 2

Dog Treats

Asst. Types
5-5.6 oz.

Meow Mix

Meow Mix
Dry Cat Food

16 lb.

DogCoats 1

Dog Coats

Available in sizes
XXSmall 8"
XXXXLarge 31"

Prices are valid 12/19/18 thru 12/24/18.  Prices and availability may vary by location.

Our Furry Friends

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Flea Prevention

Flea prevention can be a very important part of your dog’s health. Proper grooming, bathing and flea protection can go a long way. Marc’s carries everything you need from bathing supplies to flea protection for your dog. Marc’s – where saving on pet supplies is as easy as you can get!

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Doggie & Kitty Rewards

Not only will your dog LOVE Marc's Nutritious Doggie Rewards treats but so will plenty of other furry friends!  Marc's donates 100% of the profits from the sale of Doggie Rewards to benefit animal protection charities!  Check out the stories of some of the animals we have been able to help using the money raised with Doggie & Kitty Rewards!  

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Furry Friends

Some things to consider before making the commitment of adopting another furry friend – do you have enough time to devote to training and care? Enough space? Is the entire family ready and willing to help? To help you make this decision, visit our friends at PETA for more info and to help you make the right decision.

Marc's Pharmacy offers a large selection of generic medications in both 30 and 90 day supplies. Learn More »
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Pet Prescriptions

We fill pet medications with just a simple vet prescription. Save today on your pets meds.

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Get directions, phone number, hours, services offered, reviews and specials to your local store.

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