Q: What is My Marc’s Savings Program?  
A: My Marc’s Savings Program is a digital coupon gallery exclusively for Marc’s. Enrolling in this program allows you to digitally select and search coupons to be deducted from your total transaction. 

Q: How do I redeem My Marc’s Savings coupons? 
A: At checkout, your cashier will ask you if you have any My Marc’s Savings digital coupons and then you will be prompted to enter the phone number attached to your My Marc’s Savings wallet at the VeriFone terminal. Qualifying digital coupons will automatically be deducted from your total.  

Q: Do I have to select the coupons or will every available coupon be automatically attached to My Marc’s Savings wallet? 
A: You must log into your My Marc’s Savings account before every shopping trip to receive the most updated coupons and offers. You must click every coupon that you would like to add to your wallet.  

Q: Can I use a manufacturer’s “paper” coupon and a digital coupon for the same product?
A: There is a limit of one coupon, per item purchased either a manufacturer’s coupon or digital coupon. We do not allow coupon stacking. Visit marcs.com for our complete coupon policy.  

Q: Can I use a digital coupon more than once? 
A: Unfortunately you can only redeem a digital coupon once; unless specified that the coupon can be redeemed more than once by the manufacturer.  

Q: If I forgot to use my digital coupons, can they be redeemed at customer service after the transaction?  
A: Yes, on the same day the transaction was made the store will need to return all ‘digital coupon eligible items’ purchased then allowing the customer to repurchase the items using the digital coupon tender.   

Q: Can My Marc’s Savings digital coupons be redeemed on closeout items? 
A: No, unfortunately we will only accept ‘paper’ manufacturer coupons on eligible closeout items purchased.  
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