By: Carmen Rey - Cleveland APL
Date: Feb 15, 2016
Categories: APL, Doggie, Doggie Rewards, Kitty, Kitty Rewards, Pet

Jasper:  A Chance Encounter and a Second Chance
Poor Jasper was a having a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” day.  His was a bit worse, though, than most other kids’.  The sweet little long-haired Chihuahua-Terrier mix was injured in an unprovoked attacked by another dog in his household.  Jasper’s eye was severely damaged.  His owner could not afford the medical care that would be necessary, so she surrendered him to the APL, to get the treatment he needed, as well as a second chance at a good life in a home that would be safer for him.
Despite the pain he was in, and the stress of the situation, the little dog was friendly to the APL staff from the moment he arrived.  The APL veterinarians tried valiantly to save Jasper’s eye, but it became clear they could not do so.  He had surgery to remove it less than a week after his arrival at the APL.  The staff decided that this poor little guy, who’d lost his eye and his home both in a very short time, needed the tender loving care that only an APL foster care volunteer can provide.  He was sent home with a volunteer who monitored his condition, brought him in for medical follow-up care, and, most importantly, loved and comforted this little trooper.
Just as quickly as Jasper’s very bad day came upon him, so did his most excellent day.  His foster mom brought him back to the APL for a check-up and to have his stitches removed.  Marla and her daughters were at the APL on an errand, not looking for a new pet.  As Jasper came in with his foster mom, Marla and her girls spotted him.  They were smitten!  Just like that, Jasper’s new life began!
Jasper adjusted quickly to his new home, which he shares with Marla, her husband, their children, and extended family.  Marla’s three daughters give Jasper lots of love and attention, and there is just about always someone home, which suits this little snuggler just fine.  Jasper has a canine “brother,” Vito, who’s teaching him the fine art of begging for treats.  And they share their home with kitty Lazy Daisy, who also was adopted from the APL.  Some reports say that Jasper and Daisy recently got married, in a lovely private ceremony!
But sorry, Daisy, the real love of Jasper’s life is Marla’s middle daughter Hannah.  Their connection was instantaneous—in a photo taken on his adoption day, Jasper sits calmly in the arms of Hannah, whose big grin tells you the affection is mutual.  Jasper waits for Hannah to come home from school, and greets her joyously.  His best times are spent cuddling with his girl.  Jasper’s very bad day made his best day ever possible, and led him to his fur-ever home!
Information about the Cleveland APL
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