By: Barbara - Cleveland APL
Date: Feb 12, 2015
Categories: APL, Doggie, Doggie Rewards, Kitty, Kitty Rewards, Pet

Rosie the Dog
Spring is typically a time of hope and renewal.  In spring 2014, however, Rosie didn’t have much cause for hope. Rosie, then known as Clarabelle, had been abandoned, chained to a house on Cleveland’s east side.  Her brindle coat was dirty and dull, and she did not have food or water.  Worse yet, Rosie, an American bulldog mix, was in labor, about to give birth to her puppies in the cold, wet mud under the porch.   Fortunately for Rosie, the Cleveland APL’s Humane Investigations team arrived just in time.  They immediately put Rosie in their vehicle to take her to the APL, where she could have her puppies in a warm, cozy space.  The puppies wouldn’t wait, though.  Rosie gave birth to some of them—ultimately 10 in all—on her way to the APL, and the rest after she arrived at the shelter.
Once she arrived at the APL, the veterinary team took over, and began treating Rosie and the puppies.  Rosie herself received tender, loving care, while she took good care of her puppies.  She nursed all 10, and, miraculously, all 10 survived! After they were weaned, the puppies quickly found their new homes.  Then it was Rosie’s turn.  The staff decided that Rosie needed some time in foster care, to recover her strength, and to nurture her spirit.  The foster care team turned to an experienced foster “mom” to care for Rosie.  Rosie’s foster family knew immediately she wasn't going to go back to the APL.  She was their dog.
Rosie has quickly adjusted to her new home—with two other dogs and two little girls who she loves.  She walks the girls to preschool; everyone in the neighborhood knows Rosie.  She no longer gathers stuffed animals; she’s happiest now when she can “gather” all of her family together. Happy in her “furever” home, the future for this brown-eyed beauty is, well, “rosie!

Barbara Reitzloff 
Cleveland APL 

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