By: Barbara - Cleveland APL
Date: Apr 01, 2015
Categories: APL, Doggie, Doggie Rewards, Kitty, Kitty Rewards, Pet

Paris the Cat
Paris was no spring kitten when she came to the APL in August 2013. Then six years old, she was found abandoned. Paris was a striking red-orange cat with white markings and an intelligent face. She was also somewhat timid, which may explain why she was still at APL when winter arrived. Our team came to know her well, so when she seemed stressed in a multiple-cat playroom, she was moved her to her own space, for some peace and quiet.

Spring came and went, then summer 2014. Fortunately, the APL is committed to finding homes for adoptable animals, no matter how long it takes. So, Paris remained with us. Staff and volunteers continued to give Paris love and attention, noting in her record, “Paris is a very sweet yet sassy girl, who needs someone who is patient with winning her over.”

As fall 2014 came, a year after her arrival, Paris was given a much-needed a break from the cat adoption floor and a change of scenery, when she was moved into an office at the APL. That’s when she bloomed! A staff member described the change in her: “Paris was a completely different cat—she was a complete goofball and constantly seeking out attention and snuggling with everyone.” So, it was decided that Paris likely would do best as a single pet, who would have her new owner all to herself.

Finally, in October 2014, all of our patience paid off—Paris met her new mom! Lou took Paris home, where Paris promptly hid in the basement. After all, a new home after 14 months requires some adjustment! After just a week, Paris began exploring her new home, and settling into her happily ever after. Lou reports that Paris gets along well with Lou’s children, and loves to snuggle on Lou’s lap. “Thank you so much for my girl Paris. She is slowly getting adjusted and loves to curl up on the back of my chair and purr like crazy. Thanks again for my new baby girl.” Thank you, Lou, for giving us all a reason to cheer!

Barbara Reitzloff
Cleveland APL

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