Date: Apr 13, 2015
Categories: Earth Day, Environment, Recycle, Save, Sustainability

Earth Day 2015 - It’s Our Turn to Lead
Earth Day is an annual event, used to celebrate the environment and support environmental protection.  There are several ways to help the environment and Marc’s can help get you there! 
  • Plant a garden.  Plants get rid of harmful toxins in the air and help induce productivity.
  • Bike to work.  Take advantage of the spring weather by biking to work.  If biking or walking is not an option, there are other sustainable options for your commute, including carpooling and public transportation.
  • Pack a lunch.  Save on waste by bringing your lunch in a reusable container, using a cloth napkin and real silverware.
  • Turn off the lights.  Be more energy efficient in your home by turning off lights that are not in immediate use.  Replace your lightbulbs with energy efficient products.
  • Clean up your cleaning supplies.  Look for safe, simple non-toxic ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.  Choose products made with plant-based ingredients.  And choose bottles made with recycled plastic.
  • Recycle.  Over 75% of waste is recyclable.  With more and more waste management companies offering recycling capabilities, we can save money and energy faster and easier.
By making these small changes in our everyday lives, we get a little greener and become a lot more helpful!
What do you do to help the environment?  Tell us in the comments section below or post to our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Click here to check out what Marc's is doing in our sustainability efforts
Posted: Apr 13, 2015 | 3 comments
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