Our Sustainability Efforts

Last year, we recycled, reduced or reused...
marc's pile of recycled cardboard recycle shopping bag marc's grocery marc's employee recycling metal
• 26,728,397 lbs. of cardboard 485,532 lbs. of plastic bags & wrap 611,188 lbs. of scrap metal
marc's recycled light bulbs marc's recycled broken computer monitors marc's grocery recycled pallets
6,072 old light bulbs 21,760 lbs. of broken electronics 380,000 pallets
marc's recycled shredded paper Marc's recycled approximately 345,452 lbs. of paper

As a result, in 2014, 2,936 trees, 65,636 gallons of oil, 1,209,083 gallons of water, 829,085 kilowatt hours of energy & 17,273 cubic yards of landfill space were conserved!

Some current concepts and tools we are utilizing to help in our green efforts are:
  • We improved our fuel economy by 15% with a new tractor fleet
  • Marc's improved our lift trucks efficiency by 30% by using the brake system to generate power
  • We switched our warehouse lights from sodium to Fluorescent which is 48% more efficient & last 20% longer
  • We started using high efficiency battery chargers that use less electricity and lengthen battery life
  • Marc's is saving electricity & trees by using electronic means instead of paper for faxes and picking product
  • Marc's sold hundreds of thousands of reusable shopping bags under cost to reduce the use of plastic bags

You can help too!

marc's designed reusable shopping bags bring your documents to Marc's and we shred and recycle it marcs recycle lawn leaf bags
Purchase reusable grocery bags at Marc's with great designs
We provide Free paper & document shredding to keep your personal info safe & secure!
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