Date: Mar 27, 2014
Categories: Mangoes, Produce

What's the #1 selling fruit worldwide?
If you want to eat healthier start by eating MANGOES.  Better known as the Superfruit!  Why? because it’s packed with nutrition and taste great.  Did you know that Mangoes are the #1 selling Fruit worldwide?  That’s right Mangoes outpace bananas, apples, grapes, pineapples, oranges and strawberries.  This rich tasting tropical fruit originated from India and the trees are now grown in tropical climates world wide.  How’s this for nutrition?... Rich in pre-biotic dietary fiber/they compose moderate amounts of copper which is required for the production of red blood cells/they’re an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin B-6 that your body needs to produce gaba hormone production in the brain/it’s loaded with flavanoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and beta-crypto xanthin that gives your body and extra dose of natural antioxidant and it’s high in potassium.  Don’t be afraid to try one because you not sure how to cut it open….Simply peel it down lengthwise, cut off a ¼ inch from the top and bottom…slice/cut down to the husky seed and then across to make perfect cubes.  Store at room temperature before cutting.  Mangoes are great for simple snacking, fruit smoothies, tropical salads and taste great garnished on grilled chicken breasts.  Add it to your favorite Salsa recipe too for a different tropical taste treat.

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