By: Carmen Rey - Cleveland APL
Date: Jan 09, 2018
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Tala and Kingsley
The APL’s Humane Investigations officers met Tala in the summer of 2016, when she was just six months old.  The officers took custody of the fuzzy black bear-like puppy and her sister after they found the two dogs were underweight, dirty, and not being cared for properly.  They brought them to the APL, where both dogs were examined, fed, spayed, got their shots, and quickly were ready to be adopted.  Tala’s sister waited less than a week to find her new home; Tala’s new life began just nine days after the officers found her.
And, oh what a life it is!  Tala was adopted by Dawn and Jason, both ardent animal lovers.  The couple already had three cats, and thought a dog might be a good addition to their family, and a good fit for their active lifestyle.  Tala instantly loved going in the woods, and progressed to hiking with Dawn and Jason.  As she grew, Tala even got her own backpack, to carry her “stuff” on the trail.  She fits perfectly into the family.
Still, Dawn and Jason wondered whether Tala might like a canine companion.  The couple stopped by the APL in the summer of 2017, to look for another dog to keep their Tala company.  Dawn looked at the first dog in the first cage and knew they would look no further.  King, now known as Kingsley, had been surrendered by his owner who, because of family illness, did not have enough time to spend with him.  Dawn was struck by the sadness in Kingsley’s eyes.  If Tala approved, this would be her buddy!  
Dawn and Jason brought Tala to the APL to meet Kingsley.  The two met outside in a fenced-in yard, where they got acquainted.  They ran and played and even spent time in a wading pool.  These two were a good fit.  Kingsley went to his new home that day—just one day after being surrendered!  
For the first few days, Kingsley spent nights in his crate.  Tala, who usually slept upstairs with Dawn and Jason, curled up next to Kingsley’s crate, sleeping up against him.  Now, they sleep in Dawn and Jason’s bed, close together.  The dogs are inseparable–they go to doggie day care together, where Kingsley in particular charms the staff.  They love hiking with Dawn and Jason, and chasing squirrels and chipmunks.  In October 2017, Kingsley took his first camping trip.  Tala, who has at least three previous trips under her collar, no doubt showed her brother the way.  And, at the end of the day, there may even be ice cream–a favorite treat.

Animals often come to the APL from sad situations.  The HI officers who saved Tala from a life of neglect, and Kingsley’s family, who surrendered him when they could no longer care for them, both trusted the APL to find these dogs a brighter future.  Thanks to wonderful adopters like Dawn and Jason, hundreds of animals every year find that brighter future.  Thank you, Dawn and Jason, for giving Tala and Kingsley the lives of which most dogs can only dream!
Information about the Cleveland APL
To meet the adoptable animals at the Cleveland APL, visit our adoption center in Tremont at 1729 Willey Avenue in Cleveland or our PetSmart Charities® Everyday Adoption Center in the Parma PetSmart® store at 6870 Ridge Road.  To view all of the animals who are waiting for loving homes online or on your mobile device, visit or download our free adoptions app on your iOS or Android device.
Our Facebook page is called “Cleveland Animal Protective League”. Here is the link to it for your reference:
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Carmen Rey
Communications & Events Coordinator
Cleveland Animal Protective League
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