Date: Aug 03, 2015
Categories: Children, Food, Ideas, Picky Eater, Tips, Toddler

How to Feed a Finicky Eater
Having a choosy eater in the family can be maddening.  Every meal becomes a battle, your trips to the grocery store end in frustration.  You think to yourself, there’s only so much peanut butter and jelly a human should eat in life.  How will your child get the nutrients they need if he’ll only eat beige food?  If your child’s eating habits are causing you grief, here are 6 tips to help you enjoy meals again, together. 
  1. Come to the table hungry.  Limit snacking in the house.  If the child comes to the table hungry, he is more likely to eat what is put in front of him. 
  2. Shop and cook together.  Involve your children in the meal process.  Let them choose the fruits and vegetables they want to eat.  Allow them to help food prep by stirring, counting the carrot sticks each family member will get on their plate, or setting the table.  The more they are involved in the meal, the less struggle you’ll have when you sit down.
  3. Don’t force them.  As most pediatricians will tell you, kids will eat when they’re hungry.  Don’t call attention to their pickiness.  If they hear they don’t like broccoli, they won’t like broccoli.  Offer these foods anyway and you’ll be surprised to see them eat broccoli after the tenth offering. 
  4. Be consistent.   If you have instituted a “one meal rule” in your household, you shouldn’t waiver by occasionally making a special meal for your fussy one just so they’ll eat.  However, it is OK to offer one item in the meal you know your child will eat (think buttered noodles).  You should decide ahead of time what’s acceptable at mealtime so it’s easier to stick to your guns.
  5. Be a good role model.  Children learn from their parents.  Try not to have foods in the house you don’t want your child to eat.  Eat your own vegetables.  Stay active.  He will see this as the norm and will imitate.    
  6. Get a little creative.  Like so many children’s cookbooks out there will tell you, simply adding vegetables to foods you know your child will eat will help.  Add baby food carrots or squash to her favorite spaghetti sauce.  Hide sweet potatoes within your pizza sauce.    
As part of our commitment to “Fresh SavingsSmart Living”, Marc’s has all you need to help feed your finicky eater.  From fresh fruits and veggies to jars of baby food to sneak into favorite dishes, count on Marc’s to help you over this hump of your child’s development!  They’ll thank you for it someday!
Tell us, how do you feed your fussy eater?  Sound off in the comments below!

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