Date: Aug 17, 2015
Categories: Back-To-School, Children, Family, Ideas, School, Tips

Back-to-School Tips for Your Family
As we roll into August, the days of staying up late, playing video games, running wild outside and eating snacks throughout the day are quickly coming to a close.  With school on the horizon, it’s a good idea to transition your children back into a routine to help them start the year off right.  Here are some tips to help your child (and you) go back to school the right way.
  1. Establish a sleep routine.  Of course, we know sleep is important.  In fact, the National Sleep Foundation say children between the ages of 6 and 13 need 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night.  During the last 2 weeks of summer, gradually reintroduce your school year sleep routines.  Put children to bed 15 minutes earlier and earlier each night (and wake them 15 minutes earlier each morning) until you get them back to their proper sleep schedules.         
  2. Shop the sales.  With fall being the second most popular time to shop, take advantage of the back-to-school savings.  First, take an afternoon to assess your child’s clothing needs.  Clear away the outgrown clothes to make room for new ones.  Donate or save the discards for younger siblings.    
  3. Do YOUR homework.  If there’s one thing we know about school – there’s always paperwork to complete.  Gather immunization records from your pediatrician early.  If applicable, complete remaining school paperwork (in case of emergency forms, etc.) online. 
  4. Turn off the TV.  Until now, you’ve probably been pretty lax with schooltime activities.  To help ease them back into the learning process, encourage your child to play quiet games, do puzzles, flash cards, color or read as daytime activities.
  5. Institute fun traditions.   Excitement is catchy.  If your child sees you excited for school to start, they will be, too.  Implementing an annual ritual can be a fun tradition your children will enjoy for years to come.  Roast marshmallows the night before school; make a special breakfast on the morning of; take them to the park after school.  Spending time with your children helps ease any anxiety they may have and will keep them eager for future traditions.
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How do you get ready for the start of school?  Sound off in the comments below!
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