By: Carmen Rey - Cleveland APL
Date: Dec 07, 2016
Categories: APL, Doggie, Doggie Rewards, Kitty, Kitty Rewards, Pet

Bee Bee – Feline Superstar
Many people say they love animals.  Lisa and Debbie put that love into action.
Lisa and Debbie devote much of their time and attention (and income!) to helping out cats and other creatures.   They have a cheerful assortment of creatures at home, including several cats, a dog and a bird.  At times, their household also has included guinea pigs, lizards, and other furry and not-so-furry creatures.  They care for the neighborhood stray cats as well, taking them to be neutered, and providing them with access to food and shelter in the cold Cleveland winters.  One of those stray cats was Bee Bee.
Last winter, the big black and white tuxedo cat appeared with some of the other strays.  He progressed to the front sunroom, where he visited to soak up some warmth.  Lisa had worked with some of the stray cats before, eventually welcoming them into her home.  She began to approach Bee Bee slowly, on his terms, until he would let her pet his head.  The big cat was frightened, and Lisa had to take her time.  Eventually, he remained by Lisa while she stroked his fur.  Success!  But the very next day, Bee Bee disappeared.  For three days Lisa and Debbie looked for him, and the neighbors did the same.  On the fourth day, they found him.  And the news wasn’t good.


Lisa and Debbie found their feline friend huddled in their shed.  His jaw was dislocated, and appeared to be infected.  The only bright spot?  Bee Bee knew to return to Lisa and Debbie in his time of need.  Lisa coaxed him into a carrier, and took him to the APL, to get him help.
The APL veterinary staff treated Bee Bee’s fractured jaw and facial wounds.  They wired his jaw, and put a feeding tube into place to make sure he got enough to eat.  And slowly he began to mend.  While Bee Bee was focused on healing, Lisa couldn’t get him out of her mind.  She says with a laugh, “I called the APL all the time checking on him.  I know they were tired of me!”  When it came time for Bee Bee to find his new home, Lisa gave in to her heart, and adopted him.
No one knows how Bee Bee was injured, but it’s likely he doesn’t spend much time now thinking about what happened then.  After a brief period of adjustment, he made friends with Rainbow the dog, and now they lay together by the door, looking outside.  Having given up the shed, he now sleeps on Lisa’s pillow, enjoying his fluffy “bed.”  Breakfast often includes a small bite of bacon, and plenty of healthy cat food.  He gets along well with his kitty siblings.  And he’s discovered a new passion:  soccer.  He’d rather play it than watch, though.  Lisa discovered that Bee Bee is an adept soccer player; she buys him cat-sized rubber soccer balls, that he kicks back and forth with Lisa, keeping himself entertained and in shape.
Lisa describes Bee Bee as her “Superstar.”  Lisa and Debbie are superstars, too, giving this formerly-stray cat a life to love.  Bee Bee most certainly would agree.
Information about the Cleveland APL
To meet the adoptable animals at the Cleveland APL, visit our adoption center in Tremont at 1729 Willey Avenue in Cleveland or our PetSmart Charities® Everyday Adoption Center in the Parma PetSmart® store at 6870 Ridge Road.  To view all of the animals who are waiting for loving homes online or on your mobile device, visit or download our free adoptions app on your iOS or Android device.
Our Facebook page is called Cleveland Animal Protective League. Here is the link to it for your reference:
Our Twitter handle is @ClevelandAPL. Here is a link:
Cleveland Animal Protective League
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