Highest Quality Fresh Meat

Marc's Fresh Meat Department

At Marc's, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality meats at affordable prices.  All of our meats are packaged fresh for you daily. 

Quality meat is the centerpiece to a great meal any time of day. Whether you’re planning a holiday gathering or a simple family meal, Marc's Fresh Meat Department is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.  Marc's provides consistency, quality, and a broad assortment of beef, poultry & pork items to meet all your needs.  We offer you a choice of items from the leading national brands as well as our own signature brands!

If you enjoy premium Angus Beef we think you'll like our USDA Choice Black Canyon Angus Beef. 100% USDA Choice and aged for tenderness, our Angus Beef will cook up tender and juicy everytime. Black Canyon Beef is the perfect example of how we work hard each day to bring the best possible product to our customer's dinner table. Our beef is grain-fed, hand selected & trimmed to our specifications. It tastes great and cooks up the same every time and is affordable enough to serve any day of the week.

marc's Meat Specials

Marc's Fresh Meat Department
Marc's Fresh Meat and Poultry Department carries the highest quality U.S.D.A. Choice Angus beef, veal, pork, chicken & turkey at the best price in town!  We have a variety of cuts & grinds from your favorite brands!

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marc's fresh Meat Recipes

Marc's Recipes
Not sure what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Try one of our great recipe ideas featuring hot deals on products from this week's Marc's circular ad in our fresh meat & produce departments.

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Marc's Fresh Meat Black Canyon usda choice Black Canyon U.S.D.A. Choice Angus Beef
Black Canyon Angus Beef doesn’t only offer premium flavor, but it is also a great source to provide the vitamins and minerals that your family needs for a healthy lifestyle.
For more info visit blackcanyon-angusbeef.com
Marc's Fresh Meat Amish Valley Amish Valley
Fresh recipe ready Chicken is just that, ready for you to take home and start cooking. We don't add any water or fillers to plump it up, the size you see in package is what you get.

marc's fresh meat Butterball Butterball
From our largest whole turkey to our thinnest slice of turkey bacon, every Butterball product starts with one thing: delicious, healthy turkey.
For more info visit butterball.com
marc's fresh meat Pinebrook Pinebrook
Get the best selection on all your favorite fresh grinds of beef from Pinebrook.

marc's fresh meat Johnsonville Johnsonville
Johnsonville products have never contained any filler, & they pride themselves in using only premium cuts of meat. It’s a tradition started back in 1945 that brings you the food you love & trust.
For more info visit johnsonville.com
marc's fresh meat primo Primo
Traditionally prepared, fresh sausages, made from a blend of pork & special spices for a real traditional sausage taste that the family will love.

marc's fresh meat Farmland Farmland
Farmland slow smokes their bacon, hand-trims select cuts, & stands behind All Natural pork because they're committed to doing pork right.
For more info visit farmlandfoods.com
Marc's Fresh Meat Great Lakes Great Lakes
 Fully cooked & loaded with flavor, Great Lakes smoked meats are a delicious treat.
marc's fresh meat Fligners Fligner's
Fligner's mission is to provide superior products with the finest ingredients. "The meat that goes into our smokies is the same quality meat you would barbecue on the grill!”

marc's fresh meat Honeysuckle white Honeysuckle White
We know you strive to serve nothing but the best. That's why Honeysuckle White® gives you & your family a wide-variety of premium quality turkey products to choose from.
For more info visit honeysucklewhite.com
marc's fresh meat Hormel Hormel
Superb tenderness, juiciness and flavor, Hormel has quality meats, delicious cuts & perfectly seasoned with just the right spices.
For more info visit hormel.com

marc's fresh meat Indiana Kitchen Indiana Kitchen
When you shop the Indiana Kitchen line of premium pork products, you get the very best that "local" has to offer, for a freshness & flavor you’ll be happy to bring home from the state shaped like a pork chop... well close enough!
For more info visit indianakitchen.com
marc's fresh meat Sugardale Sugardale
For years Sugardale's growing base of loyal customers has come to rely on the quality, safety & consistency of their meat products.
For more info visit sugardale.com

Marc's Fresh Meat Prarie Fresh Prairie Fresh
Juicy & great flavor, either grilled, breaded, fried or baked.  Prarie Fresh meat is consistent quality no matter how you decide to prepare it.
Marc's Fresh Meat Deopartment Stoney fork Farms Stoney Fork Farms
Great for Grilling!  Stoney Fork Farms steaks are hand-carved from the heart of the beef tenderloin, seasoned & ready to be cooked!
marc's fresh meat department Tyson Tyson
From the family farm to the family table, Tyson is passionate about creating safe, quality, & delicious food. 
For more info visit tyson.com