Concerned about the rising cost of the Epipen? We can help! We have a number of options to make this medication more affordable for you. There is a generic product that we can substitute for the Epipen that is more affordable and just as effective. Insurance plans usually prefer generic products, so they may cover an even larger portion of the medication.  In addition, there are $0 co-pay cards and discounts we can apply that may bring the cost down further. The main thing is to ask your prescriber to allow generic substitutions. If it is not on the prescription, we can easily contact them for approval.  It never hurts to ask a pharmacist about your options. marcs pharmacy generic epipen options
Doctors are extremely knowledgeable about the best medications for their patients but may not be as concerned about the cost. The pharmacist may be able to recommend a less expensive alternative so be sure to always ask. Start a conversation with a Marc's Pharmacist today!

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Brings the convenience of refilling & transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies & much more!
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Marc’s offers a large selection of generic medications in both 30 and 90 day supplies.

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Pet Prescriptions
We fill pet medications with just a simple vet prescription. Save today on your pets meds.
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Marc’s Pharmacy accepts Medicare Part D and is a SilverScript Medicare Part D.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
Marc’s pharmacists can provide you with a complete medication review and help you or your loved ones with your medication. Ask your Pharmacist today!

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Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA). Accreditation by HQAA assures Medicare and other health payers that the highest level of quality is practiced within all areas of the company.

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Generic Prescriptions Program
30 Days for $1.98              •30 Days for $3.99
Marc’s offers a large selection of generic medications in both 30 and 90 day supplies.
Fresh savings on all your generic prescription medications at Marc’s.
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Immunization Online Scheduler

Vaccines Available: • Flu  • Hepatitis  • Pneumonia 
• Shingles  • Tdap Vaccination
All pharmacies have a pharmacist that is certified to administer immunizations. Walk-ins are welcome but for added convenience we offer an online immunization scheduler.

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