Flower Department


Our floral section is filled with gorgeous bouquets & colorful blooms of all varieties that are so eye-catching that you may not have noticed the inexpensive price!  Bouquets & plants with just the right number of open buds, so they only get more lovely in your home. 

If you’re planning a romantic date, celebrating a special anniversary, cheering up a friend, or love the sight & smell of beautiful flowers – we have the perfect floral selection to fit your needs!

Check our our gorgeous everyday
flower selection!
marcs-classic-flower-bouquet-(5).jpg marcs-classic-flower-bouquets-(5).jpg
Classic Bouquet  $4.99

orange pink rose bouquet yellow rose bouquet
Assorted 6 Long Stem Rose Bouquet  $8.99

marcs-designer-flower-bouquet-(5).jpg marcs-designer-flower-bouquets-(5).jpg
Designer Bouquet  $5.99

group of rose bouquets

Every flower has a story to tell, the rose stands alone in its abundant history and color meaning
Click Here for a list of the
meanings associated to the color of Roses!
marcs-signature-flower-bouquet-(5).jpg marcs-signature-flower-bouquets-(5).jpg
Signature Bouquet  $9.99

bi color pink and white rose bouquet hot pink rose bouquet
Assorted 6 Long Stem Rose Bouquet  $8.99