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whats new at marcs
See what’s new and hot at Marc's Grocery Store!  Check out all these great new items you can pick up at Marc's stores!

Bring your own phone to NET10 now & save!

Keep your number. Incredible no-contract savings. See store gift card section for details.
-Choose a Plan:
  •$25/30 Days: 1000 minutes for Talk, Text & Data
  •$40/30 Days: Unlimited Talk, Text & Unlimited Data

- Household -


Introducing NEW Tide Simply Clean & Fresh

2X the odor-fighting power – at a reasonable price!  Tide Simply Cleans deep into the fibers of your garments to remove the particles that cause odors & not just cover them up.  HE Compatible to work in any machine & available in 2 scents: Refreshing Breeze & Daybreak Fresh.  • Dirt out, check.  • Odor out, check.  • Low Price, check!!

Downy NEW Light Scents

Introducing… Lighter scents that are long lasting (12 weeks) without being overpowering.
  •Infusions •Cashmere Glow •Unstopables Glow

- Health & Beauty -


New Spring 2015 Cover Girl items available now!

Beauty buys and latest coupon offers from the pros on their Facebook page...

Now Available Over the Counter!

FLONASE® Allergy Relief - the first and only allergy nasal spray indicated for both nasal and eye-related allergy symptoms - contains the #1-prescribed allergy ingredient in the US. FLONASE® is now available with the same prescription strength and same 24-hour, non-drowsy relief as prescription-strength FLONASE®.

New at Marc's!

GoGargle! is the new and improved version of what you might know as Grandma’s salt water home sore throat remedy. For generations you have heard Grandmas (and doctors) recommend gargling with a glass of warm salt water to help relieve a sore throat. With soothing ingredients like honey, chamomile, aloe & zinc, GoGargle! is a simple, surprisingly tasty way to soothe your sore throat.

New at Marc's! Conair Infinity Pro Curl Secret

•Tourmaline Ceramic ¾ inch built-in barrel and curl chamber
•2 heat settings – 400°F high heat
•Ready Timer and Auto Beep indicator – 8, 10, 12 seconds
•Safety tangle feature
•30 second instant heat
•Sleep mode function
•Auto off
•6’ Professional Swivel Cord

Infiniti Pro Brushless Motor Dryer featuring 3Q Technology

Quick, Quiet, Quality
•A brushless motor works with a combination of magnets & electronics to drive the motor (no carbon brushes)
•Dries equivalent to a 2000 watt professional dryer
•Up to 10X longer life than DC motor dryer
•Up to 70% more air force for more effective styling
•Patent pending noise reduction technology
•Ionic technology for smooth, shiny hair and up to 70% less frizz
•Professional SVT line cord

Conair Infinity Pro Secret Curl

•12 Silicone Rollers for shine
•2 sizes – ¾”, 1”
•Fast heat up
•Fun design

L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius App

Download this revolutionary 3D makeup simulator that uses advanced facial mapping technology to transform your iPhone or iPad’s into a virtual mirror where you can try on L’Oréal Paris products and expertly curated looks in real time!

The First Pad of Its Kind- Always Infinity

Made with a super absorbent material called InfinicelTM that can absorb ten times its weight, Always Infinity offers amazing protection like never before. Find the new Always Infinity Collection now at Marc’s.

Get the Color You Crave with Vidal Sassoon

The Experts at Vidal Sassoon bring you salon color expertise. Get that long lasting, vibrant color you crave. The permanent hair color collection from Vidal Sassoon provides up to 8 weeks of salon quality color with 100% grey coverage.

New! From Vidal Sassoon, Salon Genius ... in a bottle.

Now experience revolutionary care, styling and color collections from Vidal Sassoon, the original salon genius. Perfected by experts, so you can have it all, at an affordable price. For hair that’s very silky, very shiny, very sexy – the Vidal Sassoon way, every day. It’s salon genius… in a bottle!

- Grocery -


NEW Nabisco Spring Oreos!

Check out the new Spring Oreos at Marc's now! 
2 for $5.98

Introducing belVita Breakfast Bites

Let’s face it. Mornings are crazy. That’s why each pack of crunchy belVita Bites, a nutritious, convenient, on-the-go breakfast choice that contains slow-release carbs from wholesome grains, help fuel your body for 4 hours!  Now available in Chocolate or Mixed Berry.

Green Giant Hummus - New at Marc's!

Green Giant Hummus is all-natural and delicious!  It's perfect for low calorie snacking & as a flavorful ingredient for healthy cooking.  Try some today!

Welcome to the McCafé family of premium coffee!

McCafé's unique flavorful blends are made with 100% Arabica Beans and carefully harvested from the rich soils & mountainous regions of the foremost coffee-growing areas of the world. Delicious starts right here. Enjoy!

Try NEW Tostitos® Rolls!

Bring out the fun with new TOSTITOS® ROLLS!™ Tortilla Chips. They’re tortilla chips formed into the ideal shape for a fun, dippable and delicious way to eat your favorite dips!

Broccoli sprouts pack a powerful punch that may reduce your cancer risk!

Packed with vitamins and minerals, broccoli sprouts provide a wealth of nutrition with few calories. These sprouts have 20 to 50 times greater number of a concentrated source of compounds than mature broccoli heads that may reduce your cancer risk. You would need to eat huge amounts of broccoli to obtain the same amount of the cancer-fighting properties that sprouts offer. Nutritional researchers in the University of Illinois studied the anti-cancer properties of broccoli & sprouts and determined that overcooking can eliminate broccoli’s anti-cancer enzymes. Steaming broccoli for 2 to four minutes preserves nutrients and anti-cancer enzymes.

NEW Onion Crunch Crispy Fried Onions

Made from fresh sweet onions that are peeled, washed, cut and battered in order to create a perfect crispy onion topping . These crispy fried onions are great on salads, sandwiches, green bean casseroles, pizza and hot dogs.

- Pet -


Introducing Iams So Good...

Delicious, wholesome nutrition to keep your dog healthy, strong, and playful.  NO added sugar, dyes, or artificial preservatives, so it keeps your dog’s mouth happy and his body healthy.

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