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Fresh Produce

Try this Tasty Smoked French Onion Recipe!
In the News: Del Monte Fresh Produce has received third-party sustainability certification
for its Central American banana & pineapple farms.
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Vidalia onions are by far the world’s sweetest tasting onion.  Their mild flavor is due to the unique combination of soils and climate found in 20 counties in the State of Georgia, the best yields come out of Vidalia county.   Only 225 growers are permitted to grow this patented variety owned by the State of Georgia.   Vidalia onions are great on the grill, perfect in salads, add a sweet  flavor to stir fry recipes and taste great in your favorite sauce or salsa. 
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      Genuine Vidalia Onions
 89¢ per pound

•See the importance of color in your diet!
Fresh Produce Recipes
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•See what's currently hot in the produce industry

Bi-Color Sweet Corn
 5 for $2.00
1st of the season!  This food is low in Saturated Fat, & very low in Cholesterol & Sodium
  •Corn on the cob 4 ways (Pictured)
  •Battered fried corn on the cob
Bolthouse Asst. Juices
 32 oz - 2 for $6
High-quality products made as much of fresh thinking as fresh ingredients.
  •Peach cobbler cocktail (Pictured)
  •Iced Cappuccino smoothie

Marc's Fresh Produce Department stocks the freshest, highest quality Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables directly from the farm to our shoppers!  MGI Produce buys our fresh produce from small local farms and from farms around the world. Because we are our own distributor, huge savings are passed on to Marc’s shoppers. We are dedicated to providing outstanding quality at the lowest possible prices.
fresh-produce-tomatoes-mushrooms-cucumbers.jpg •Tomatoes on the Vine
 99¢ per pound
•Seedless Cucumbers
 99¢ each
•Whole Mushrooms
 8 oz pkg - 99¢
  •Hearty salad (Pictured)
  •Moroccan grilled shrimp & vegetables
fresh-produce-red-ripe-strawberries-(3).jpg Red Ripe Strawberries
 1 lb pkg - 3 for $5
This food is a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C and Manganese.
  •Strawberry shortcake jar (Pictured)
  •Tip: Make your strawberries last longer

mgi marc's produce pma gold circle
Marc's is a member of the Produce Marketing Association. PMA is playing a major role in enhancing the safety and security of the world's produce by educating businesses and consumers.


Salads & Power Up Greens

 2 for $4
•American  •Italian  •Very Veggie  •Mediterranean  •Leafy Romaine  •Spring Mix & Greens  •Baby Kale & Greens
  •Dole salad bouquet (Pictured)
  •Dole Power Up Spring curry salad
Variety of Apples
 3 lb bag - 2 for $5
•Fuji  •Gala  •McIntosh
  •Apple chimichangas (Pictured)
  •Apple cinnamon yogurt pancakes

Prices are good 4/22/15 thru 4/28/15
Prices may vary by location

Fresh from the Farm to Our Stores
Operating our own facility allows us to react quickly to the needs of the growers and deliver the freshest, highest quality product directly to Marc’s shoppers.

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