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Produce Department

Pink Lady or Pacific Rose Apples  $1.49/lb
For the new year, about 66% of Americans will make a resolution and the majority will be to exercise more or eat better.  There are a few keys to succeeding if your goal is to be healthier for 2016.  Check out our Fit Foods for some great tips & ideas!

Fresh from the Farm to Our Stores Operating our own facility allows us to react quickly to the needs of the growers and deliver the freshest, highest quality product directly to Marc’s shoppers.
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•See the importance of color in your diet
Fresh Produce Recipes
•See what's currently hot in the produce industry

This week's deals!
fresh-produce-green-cabbage.jpg Green



fresh-produce-jumbo-canteloupe.jpg Jumbo

2 for $4


Marc's Fresh Produce Department stocks the freshest, highest quality Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables directly from the farm to our shoppers!  MGI Produce buys our fresh produce from small local farms and from farms around the world. Because we are our own distributor, huge savings are passed on to our shoppers. We are dedicated to providing outstanding quality at the lowest prices.
fresh-produce-genuine-idaho-potatoes-(6).jpg Genuine Idaho Potatoes
5 lb. bag

2 for $4


fresh-produce-pears-(1).jpg Anjou,Bosc or Red Pears



mgi marc's produce pma gold circle
Marc's is a member of the Produce Marketing Association. PMA is playing a major role in enhancing the safety and security of the world's produce by educating businesses and consumers.
fresh-produce-portabella-mushrooms-(1).jpg Portabella Mushrooms
Caps or Sliced
6 oz. Package

2 for $5


fresh-produce-plump-juicy-blueberries.jpg Plump & Juicy Blueberries
1 Pint



Prices are good 2/3/16 thru 2/9/16
Prices may vary by location