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Kick-It, a program of Flashes of Hope, is a national volunteer driven effort focused solely on raising money for children’s cancer research. We are passionate, efficient and committed to directing every possible dollar to research.


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This weeks superhero highlight - Tyler!

Tyler is a happy 6 year old who loves Superman, Elmo and Blues Clues, as well as riding his bike and listening to Kidz Bop. Tyler is quiet and shy, but loves to dress up like Daddy and wear button down shirts and ties. He’s also a “numbers guy”: he remembers dates and birthdays with ease.
          At two and a half, Tyler was not acting like a normal toddler. He had no energy and wasn’t eating well, so his doctors sent him to the hospital for blood work. Based on the results of his blood work, his doctors were fairly certain that he had leukemia. Tyler immediately received three blood transfusions, and the next day, he was diagnosed with Pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (low risk). Tyler was in treatment for over 3 years. He is now in remission!!
          Tyler’s parents continue to be voices for childhood cancer awareness and have joined in the fight to find better treatments, and one day, a cure. While Tyler’s family is hopeful that over three years of chemo do not have long-lasting effects on Tyler, he showed the entire family just how strong he was during treatment.
          Tyler always looked forward to going to the clinic and hospital,
and never cried when providers had to access his medi-port. Although Tyler’s parents advise others that cancer diagnosis is a tough road, things get better. They also advise other parents to contact other families that have children fighting cancer, and don’t be afraid to ask
for help. 

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