Generic RX Program

Our Generic Prescription Program
You can get qualifying prescription medications for less by using our generic prescription program.

There are many commonly prescribed medications to choose from and if your medication is part of our program you can get a 30 day supply of pills for $3.99 or under, or a 90 day supply for $5.86 to $9.99 depending on what your doctor prescribed.

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Frequently Asked Questions
• Which medications are offered at $1.98 & $3.99?
Marc's Pharmacy offers a great variety of generic medications for $3.99 or less for a 30 day supply.

Who is eligible to receive prescriptions at this price?
Everyone is able to receive the qualifying prescriptions at the everyday low price.

Do I have to fill out any paperwork to receive my prescriptions for $3.99 or less?
No. There are no additional forms or paperwork that need to be filled out to be eligible to receive qualifying prescriptions at the everyday low price.
*An additional prescription may be required to convert a 30 day supply to a 90 day supply.

If I have insurance, am I still eligible to participate in the$1.98 & $3.99 for a 30 day supply or $5.86 & $9.99 for a 90 day supply?
Yes. Everyone is eligible to receive qualifying medications at the everyday low price, regardless of insurance coverage.

If my prescriptions are currently being filled at another pharmacy, can I transfer my prescriptions to a Marc's pharmacy?
Yes, and it is quick and easy too! Call any Marc's pharmacy and push “0” to talk to a pharmacist, who will be happy to help you transfer your prescriptions to a Marc's pharmacy.

Accreditation by Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation assures Medicare & other health payers that the highest level of quality are practiced within all areas of the company.

Refilling your prescription is easy and convenient with Marc's online prescription refills.  All you will need is your current prescription bottle.

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