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When you have diabetes, your body is unable to use glucose (sugar) for energy. This is because there is either not enough insulin to move the sugar into the cells of the body, or because your body does not respond well to insulin.
Learn the goals of managing diabetes
diabetes-resources-know-my-co_pay.jpg •Find out the coverage for all diabetes testing supply brands.
•Get the actual co-pay for OneTouch® test strips compared to other leading brands.
diabetes-resources-starting-your-journey.jpg Get it right & stay on track!
Starting Your Journey
diabetes-resources-blood_sugar-testing-guide.jpg Let’s test smart
Blood Sugar Testing Quick Guide
diabetes-resources-most-of_your-visit.jpg Your doctor will likely be at the center of your diabetes healthcare team
Making the most of your visit
diabetes-resources-diabetes-food-link.jpg Making healthful food choices
The link between diabetes and food
diabetes-resources-reduce-your-risk.jpg Small changes can help reduce your risk of diabetes
Simple steps to lower your risk

The OneTouch Verio Flex® meter takes the guesswork out of your blood glucose results.
  • ColorSure™ technology shows you when your blood glucose numbers are in or out of range
  • Compact, slim design so it’s easy to take with you
  • Accuracy you can rely on
Talk to your Marc's Pharmacist about the OneTouch
Verio Flex® meter.
You could be eligible to receive a OneTouch
Verio Flex® meter at no charge. 
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OneTouch Verio test strips
For fast, accurate results you can trust, OneTouch Verio® test strips work exclusively with the OneTouch Verio Flex™, OneTouch Verio®, and OneTouch Verio®IQ meters.  It’s easy to apply blood to either side of the OneTouch Verio® test strip, and they provide accurate results with just a speck of blood.  OneTouch Verio® test strips are also available for the lowest co-pay on the most health plans.*
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*Some health plans may have more than one test strip covered at the lowest co-pay.