Household Department


Ultra Dawn
Dish Liquid

Assorted Types
18-21.6 oz.

2 for $5

Marc's Household Department has the best prices on all your needs to keep your house and possessions clean, protected & organized!  From Air fresheners, bath tissue, paper towels, paper plates, laundry detergent, bug killer, storage containers and much more, you will find the best deal in our Household Department.

household-scott-1000-bath-tissues.jpg Scott 1000

12 Rolls

2 for $12

household-xtra-laundry-detergent-(8).jpg Xtra
Liquid Laundry Detergent

Assorted Types
96-116 Loads
175 oz.


household-scott-paper-towels-(15).jpg Scott
Paper Towels

6 Mega Rolls

2 for $10

household-clorox-bleach-(3).jpg Clorox

Assorted Types
116-121 oz.


household-kleenex-tissues-(7).jpg Kleenex

Upright or Flat
75-160 ct.

3 for $3


household-brita-filtered-water-filter.jpg Brita
Slim Water Pitcher

•BPA Free •Space efficient design •5-cup capacity


Prices valid 1/18/17 through 1/24/17
Prices may vary by location