Marc’s grocery stores are now accepting credit and debit cards at all our locations!  We now accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The new registers allow for use of mobile pay options as well as pin debit.  Marc's is proud to accept checks from approved customers as well as WIC vouchers. Currently, Marc’s can only accept paper WIC vouchers & are unable to accept the WIC Nutrition Card at all stores. 

The cost conscious deep discounter, Marc’s, is known for their long standing deep discount philosophy of offering consumers the lowest prices in town. Marc’s wants their customers to know that this philosophy will not change with the introduction of new payment options.
“ We know this was a long time in the making but we wanted to make sure that this newer costlier process of accepting credit cards will not in any way affect our low pricing strategy,” said Kevin Yaugher, President and COO. “Our upgrade to chip technology allowed an easier transition to include these additional payment options.”
Marc’s will also offer their customers the ability to use mobile pay and mobile wallet transactions which is becoming a standard feature on most smart phones. And for the many faithful customers, Marc’s will gladly continue to accept checks and cash.
All Marc’s pharmacies accept Health FSA (Flexible Spending Account) & HSA (Health Savings Account) cards for both prescription and approved non-prescription health items.